"As a non- swimmer, and therefore not confident in the water, I find the aqua yoga exercises in warm water, relaxing and calming.

In conjunction with other therapies, aqua yoga has been extremely beneficial for me whilst recovering from a broken arthritic hip, as in the water there is less stress on the joint and muscles.

Exercises have been tailored to meet my individual needs and have particularly helped with balance and regaining strength in the muscles."

- Carole

All Aqua Yoga sessions, pregnancy, therapeutic and Yoga swimming are offered either in small groups or in specially tailored one to one sessions. The location of the classes is in a small warm pool south of Horsham, West Sussex. For more information about the availability and times of classes and any other details please Email Katy, or phone her on: Tel 01403 741600 / Mob 07923 699 789.

A 30-minute Aqua Yoga Therapy session or class can be totally refreshing and energising with positive emotional benefits. Aqua Yoga is also effective as a complementary aid to physiotherapy and post-operative recovery after surgery, fractures or accidents. Water micro movements can help people to specifically strengthen weak muscles or ligaments without strain.