Having taught swimming for over 15 years, and practised yoga for over 12 years, I started to see a link between the flow, breathing and relaxation of each discipline.

My ideas with yoga in the water had been on a slow burn for years, starting with my experiences teaching adults to swim. Following numerous referrals from people who had been told to swim in order to help with various medical conditions, from osteoporosis to back pain, I realised that there was a need to work in the water in a different way. I had been combining yoga relaxation and breathing to movement for a long time in my swimming lessons, and after a search for something to develop this further I was lucky enough to speak personally to the founder of Birthlight, Francoise Freedman. We connected immediately, I then began the wondrous journey with yoga in the water.

Like water in its natural form, there are many different rivers and tributaries to travel down. At the heart of it all is the yoga, and the movement with the breath. The subtle way in which the breath works within the body transfers magically in the water, often identifying areas of need that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.